Essential Floor Plans for homes in Pontypridd Area

29 December 2012

In today’s housing market sellers need to draw on all the expertise available to them to market their properties.  So good quality particulars are a given.  However, it is
surprising to see how many agents do not include floor plans for homes within the property particulars.

Using modern technology agents can self-draw a good quality plan on an average sized property in around 20 minutes so there should be no excuse not to include one.

There are many good reasons why we always feature floor plans within our property descriptions:

Where there are several similar properties competing for a buyer’s attention, the particulars with the floor plan create more interest. When choosing a new home the layout of a property is a major consideration and it cannot adequately be conveyed in words and room sizes alone.  The floor plan gives an immediate indication of the layout and flow of the property.  It is the relationship between the rooms in a property that can make the difference between a comfortable and attractive home and a purely functional one.

So often when people are making their buying decisions they focus on how a property “feels” as much as whether it is the right size. Floor plans for your homes can accurately relay how the accommodation actually “works” in practice, illustrating how it could complement the needs of a buyer.

A floor plan is crucial in any property that is being marketed as in need of renovation or with the ability to be configured differently.  We have examples of buyers having bought a property that might have otherwise appeared unsuitable, but the floor plan helped them to visualise adaptability in the accommodation that encouraged them to view.

We also include a floor plan on all rental properties.  Tenants want to see how they can best utilise the space available and sharers in particular have been known to view a property as the floor plan has shown that the flow lends itself to each tenant having personal space available.

Today’s buyers and tenants expect to see good quality information and floor plans for homes they are searching, included on all properties whether to buy or rent.  If your property doesn’t have a floor plan you might just miss out on a potential sale or let.

By Dylan Davies
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